About Paws For Miles

Our mission at Paws for Miles is that we will goes miles for all paws big and small. We serve animals by providing them with a safe place, medical care, and by finding them a loving, safe, happy, and permanent home. We also try to provide informational help for established homes. We accept all animals regardless of age, color, wellness, temperament, and habits (space permitting). We have animals that are ready for their permanent home. The animals are our first concern.

If you are unable to care for your animal(s) please contact us day or night and we can arrange to pick up. We realize that times are hard and that life is also hard. Sometimes the cuts we have to make require us to have to give up a valuable family member as in a pet Change of job, moving, or any reason. All names in our files are kept confidential. We do not judge anyone.

Paws for Miles is Cincinnati’s sanctuary that provides:
– Shelter/rescue surrender services
– Adoption of shelter animals
– Hospice Services
– Up-to-date health, nutrition and care information
– Vet Referrals